• Incorrect location and exposure information
    Do to an issue with the website, the location and exposure information posted with the photos the last few months was incorrect.
  • Sunset at the Lake
    As has become tradition by now, every Christmas I go to one of my favorite spots to shoot some images. This is
  • Game of Lights
    Every day the battle between light and darkness is being fought in one the most famous churches of Lyon. Every morning the
  • Milky Way
    Each year the lavender fields of Valensole attract scores of tourists, and getting a photograph of the fields without anyone in it,
  • Fortress
    Only a short drive west of Varna you can find one of the oldest forts of Bulgaria, the Ovech Fortress. Located on
  • Good Bones
    Designed by @calatravaofficial and build between 1989 and 1994, at the cost of 750 million Francs (almost the same in Euro), the Lyon Saint
  • Wet Feet
    I has been a while since I went to this quaint little church near Nova Zagora in Bulgaria. On the surface this
  • Best Nine of 2021
    Although last year was yet another interesting year, and I was unable to post anything in the last few months, I took
  • Flying North?
    Early march we had a few clear nights and me, Aleks and Boris decided to try our had at some star circles at an
  • Fishing Shack
    Another photo of the a place that is quickly becoming one of my go-to spots, this time at sunset. These colors did