About Me

I am a Dutch Landscape and Underwater Photographer based between Lyon, France and Varna, Bulgaria.

I am another one of those that got his first camera from his father as a kid.

I didn’t connect with photography right away. The passion developed a little later when I was getting bored merely being underwater.

My true interest in photography came when I was looking for something to rekindle my passion for diving. At that time just the feeling of being underwater was no longer enough, and at the same time I wanted to share the things I saw underwater with the people around me. At that time I wasn’t concerned with sharing my images with the greater public.

I took a completely different path, that led me to the corporate world, where I spent over 20 years working in IT. My last corporate appointment was as the CIO of a fintech startup with offices on multiple continents. When they made the decision to start outsourcing everything to low-wage countries I finally decided the corporate world was not for me.

I have always known that I was not a corporate guy, but for a long time I thought that you need an “good job” to do the things you are passionate about. Never in my wildest dreams did I think you could live off your passions. I have never been happier being wrong!

Photography is my escape. I express my creativity through simplicity. The use of long exposures helps me to create minimalistic compositions and to represent my vision and interpretation of a place. I aim to shoot images that can transfer a peaceful and serene state of mind. I pursue natural beauty trying to capture clean, unique and timeless images.

Photography keeps me grounded and sane!