London Baby!

Although I have been at Heathrow and Stansted airports several times before, I had never actually visited the city of London, and earlier this year I finally had that chance. After spending a few very unsuccessful late evenings and early mornings waiting for sunsets and sunrises that were just not happening, the last day, just hours before leaving this great city, I was finally rewarded with some magnificently colored skies.

I almost did not go out that morning, as I had to pack for our flight back to the mainland and the predictions did not look very good. But the evening before I had run into Michael Palomata and he told me how unpredictable the light was, and how unreliable the predictions were, so I decided to give it one last chance. And boy, was I happy I did.

The entire sky was empty, there was not a single cloud, except low on the horizon, exactly where the sun was supposed to rise, there were a few clouds. I still had another hour or so to go, so I just walked around, looking for a nice location, during which the clouds just kept growing thicker and thicker, but only exactly where I needed them. I was afraid they had grown to thick, but once the sun started to come close to the horizon, my (im)patience was finally rewarded…

Thank you so much Michael, if it wasn’t for chatting with you, I probably would not have gone out, and I would not have had this image!

Camera: OM System OM-1
Lens: Panasonic Leica DG Vario-Elmarit 8-18mm f/2.8-4.0 ASPH
Shot at: 13mm | F/8 | ISO200 | 50 sec

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